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Trust was a blanket I clutched like a child Surrounded myself with it when chilled to the bone Time wore on and it begged to unravel first at the corners then rows onto gravel A magnificent trail left to find home in time A vulture saw my threads hanging and took it to nest with twine he said “I just can not choose the one I like best My nest is my comfort created solely by me with the painstaking pieces from the circumvent sea” But you see “your threads make my nest much more pleasant and warm and something I don’t understand when wrapped in your threads all my fear is surpassed but then you have lost and our tasks have clashed Each seam that is ruined every pattern astray With the pieces I gather your rendered lost one more day The trail you have left is now empty and you’ve no parcel left” He asked “Now is there anything here you regret” I shook my head no but something else before I go I put the last piece to my face then out in my hands “Here have it, then … go ahead” Lend me this image so I may remember this What we have done here To surround myself with When I feel fear Keep my blanket safe as it shall to you But never forget me and I’ll forgive you dear

Created on ... July 21, 2004