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Bleed so gone

Sew me blind to face of present fate open wounds and turn the reel dashing gleams the tears of dust blowing away… Hard to the touch soft to the blow if it don’t wander it will never know Wide seeds spread over time, kneels over close the lips and touch burden foreboding glance of significant image bodies of sacrilegious rights bubbling over… covered so sick strange to the eye if it don’t wander it will never fly stitch my faith of lasting longing hold the beast against my face yearning random turning sour pursing lips the cup a sip Clasp it tight in my window holding fast the weeping widow creep the night for just a glimmer drink the dancer growing thinner cradle pardoned abscessed picture’s smoldering avoided an instance bleed so gone a silent chill shivers sorrow on the sill clean to the surface soiled and mean if it can’t cower it disrupts the dream Crimson my veins the winds deception utter plastic phrases of dilution to stir a lame stem altered perception turned dry painted rotten lovely so cancered charred and waxed if it can’t go it will never be back cradle what has not been lost burst the flame a worthy host bleed so gone a silent chill dust the sorrow on the sill

Created on ... July 21, 2004