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My friendship is dyeing Everything is gray A flower of deviancy Is precise and cold Like the sweat of fever when the black forest whispers in the wind Like razors in soft skin Utmost Agony Unlikely youíll survive your ignorance or Love Blood dries in many shades Crisp and stains Wrap your arms around your legs, hold yourself None provide apt comfort Touching becomes conflict Itís painful When everyone is in your space suffocationÖ. Go away I canít breathe Beautiful conversations turned watched and analyzed Its not grown, Itís still the same A bond, a trust -Tampered by fear and insecurities - Itís killing me, my words canít comfort Ruined by thoughts that should have never been spoken Outed by my own lover when trusted In his hate he stifles my spirit by non acceptance of stealing something I need to survive My Mind My Freedom My wicked heart is breaking Surrounding my peripheral vision Look only ďhereĒ and ďthereĒ Donít think, Donít question Iím quizzical Itís quiet and harmless without intent Is it not intent which is proven before punishment? Theyíve suffered no crime By these deft hands that hold Let me ball up in a corner For the loss of peace in my consort By the Tyrannical Governor called LUST

Created on ... July 21, 2004