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Abhorrence cried a whispered sigh into a cracked and tattered torrent Crystal copes the dormant stranger parted satin curtain stepping in Untouched Dusty lament Pacified intense past placation Quicken frigid fountains flaccid rivers that now pour Shower.. shudder.. bring it under Pound the instance recoil in darkness suck it in breathing exhale rip it off tear it open drink within Needy nectar, curled lips carved open a salty pallet In a dim and cluttered space soiled linen stained with death scent of pleasure drifting endless Bloody paint a natural mask Straining, soothing… gift to release Ridding, roaming… toques the clock Pressing.. Grinding Nearer! Nearer! Go until the time duth stop Grimace expression building a torrent Leaps the waves over Slipping into uncontrolled rhythm Fading into whites of eyes hidden behind black lit lids Nearer… Nearer.. Moans the clock Hideous laughter… High pitched tone Rapture meets her timeless end

Created on ... July 21, 2004