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Sordid is He

It falls upon his skin with a vision implying instruction When it poured it went black behind unwilling lids A flash that lasts too long Who is it that haunts the waking hours? Each greeting image growing vividly deranged Iím questioning the everything Why need I comprehension so far from me Estranged into his minds eye Frustration with no visible end Aimlessly searching, a crazed impossible mission To grasp imminent torture Examination of powers that be A broken spell or a goddess gift Gateway to a plain a terrain of lucidity Dreaming of red ribbon, relevant and symbolic Black silken entity reflects from needy hands pulling down below an ebony sky into flesh filled ground Sudden eerie calm Approach of sacred day blessed be the hour of life Pouring into him shifting An ancient passage rite With avail on the rise Stealth us into the night Longing the trek Cradle him close, binding our trust entwined into knots, to perceive and cure Unshield his vision Allowing for sight unite his perspectives enlighten his life

Created on ... July 21, 2004