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Lie here next to me allow me to breathe you in your essence feeds me through me veins racing pounding into one Lay here willingly, wanting inhale my scent of flesh create heal-less incision enveloped you in me install thy heart in mine Drive a knife into me meditate within my hold with a sharpness, sucking you in when in despair, sink into my grace Hold this entwined heart accomplished in none but us you that I invoke bid me never farewell only I call beloved Pardon as I sculpt you Distorted a marble kiss soldified and truthful in this I find ceaseless dark hopeful and pure Murmur to my ear your bidding what is your sacrifice? On your knees and gazing into the sticky night When the flame drowned did you find the light jarred upon my threshold or did you stand alone?

Created on ... July 21, 2004