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Reality Revised

Reality… a dream so real hands plus body pale the moon crescent immortal oddness when the lost wind peeled the blood in his veins immoral He hears her breathe He sees her covets, protects the deed in his mind he sees her bleed has no other place to put it stop it! Stop it! Feel the need deteriorate the greed for pleads and, again he hears her breathe cutting flesh searing soar “I don’t want this anymore stop it! Stop it! Leave this place Run…. Endure this final race Rushing, reeling underfoot eat this blade and eat this soot Cutting, stabbing, sobbing, moaning Faster! FASTER! feel the drain sooner .. sooner leave this plain Back… forth… rocking… calming… Back… forth… hearing moaning tears and begs for one more chance. Looks to him a final glance. Still he hears her breathe Squeezing breaking bone and skin catch me catch me end this sin feel the brittle breach the skin Back… forth… rocking… calming… Is it over? Start again

Created on ... July 21, 2004