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Tryst Of Cure

Opening scene of blood born things To cut the human infestation So true dreams of evolution streams “Out Of Service” But only for the duration Lungs filled and swelled Contaminated the well Now so few walk vacant land So everyone fell Obligated to tell Of the Immune who walk hand in hand Religion just a headstone in a world of crazed lunatics Black smoke so thick That it sticks to your throat All the bodies from outbreak and the bodies that float It goes to show Clam voices go shrill Realists born so solemn unsheltered The weak were natures kill Moralists not so far off from Skelter Testing to find who posses a new gift Gathering drifters, the self proclaimed best Breeding anarchists law starts a new revolution They Rise and they fall with Such Grave Solution With the mark of the chosen To each other they’re driven Even before the induction They knew what they were Killing in laughter The “Tryst of Cure”

Created on ... July 21, 2004