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Swallowed and convulsing she lie there sunk in to sub-existence convertible and diseased Allayed a bed of glass ailing in sweat tasting of metal pedagogue of numb Leaning in and pulling out speaking to resident subdued discharge from abode a tattered case Bound in wire strapped secure searing her flesh wailing to be pure light the wicks she speaks in tongues from a crucifix a task gone sour Dogmatic power in flask leaping licks of heat brittle dry to breathe insecure intent is cast Forcing out in spell to close an open well pay the cripple cost bestow a hindered host arching up to meet her cracked and bloody feet wreathing and moaning giving into defeat fingertips to her eyes seeping skin they demand it give in shouting over her cries Call it out catch it quick perge it out set a splint rake her skin make her feel pain again sent to reveal tighten the straps single it out setting the trap “them to part” call in the credible demanding strength round in a tunnel aimed to untaint call unto the demon waiting to pass send it screaming “free at last” set her on a flat line vitally late mark the time end debate some were meant to face there fate

Created on ... July 21, 2004