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A Letter To : Jill

I refused to leave the floor I think I felt you So pale and gray, so small and frail. The tubes making you a sickly marionette. I do love you as my sister. Id hold you but they keep you behind the metal and glass. So far from me. There in a sterile place, and tended on I held your hand in my own. It was so cold and heavy G started crying, we felt so helpless. Your mother shewing us away when you needed us. How frustrated I was when I wanted to comfort you. I wish I could have been there. Why are you so damned headstrong? Just days ago I held your hands and you shook so hard I still felt it when you let go. You know the risk and you tease death in your mere existence. Do you doubt your self so much you feel this reckless need for rush? Everyone is worried, at least I know I am. I appreciate every aspect of what you are to me. In your silence I feel comfort. Now my need to be near you is stronger. I want to take the hospital by storm. Bust in to see you, and just sit with you. In our perfect stillness, just grateful to feel your presence and send my own. With Love ~ D

Created on ... July 21, 2004