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Reality of a new day strikes me Alone Everyone in the bustle of relations Pushed out of the picture “its easier that way” The reality of our inner circle breaks when it breaches the outer one Only involved in interest interest un-shared or regretted or denied at the door A game to make or ruin me Misplaced judgment I should just go Its not as said, we do not share He has her and I and soon another “her” Shall I go soon to relieve myself of it Before I am left in this? Then he found my voice in a dream and they became to him Trying to separate myself New surroundings New people But he wanted it all *I am a domino* He, more ravishing than I Now has them and I am alone I am no fun, If I were wrong I would be going But oh well…Another place another day shhhh….. no one has to know He wont notice her fading away Paying to go with a gift from me “here’s a few of these, she won’t mind” I hope she tastes sweet on your lips In the room of mirrors So she can see the light and He his night And I the Show… Before I go

Created on ... July 21, 2004