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Estranged misperceptions how can I relate? My misconceived position My emancipated preconceived notions Who is this? Why I am lost with a sticky landing run. Ruin you… Misplace me… Severed streams communication choppy flashes cornered mind No acceptance of relation no admittance correlation Dark harbored calls of sheltered hallways Sitting shrouded lipstick kisses Dwell the taste of past reflection regression to a pinpointed portal Partial circumstances base judgmental and defensive pools of emotions Endless reality shoved away into a corner Ceaseless Havoc reaping upon them Who makes less contemplation’s? by realizations by sickened experiences Driving sexual orientation leads to called abomination Self destruction, Wilted Branches Strive towards a common goal ….Impulses strike the each of us… Makes us feel that sacred union No one else sees more than she… No one else feels more than he… The connections are all part of me Loving you so endlessly

Created on ... July 21, 2004