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So many humanly things that bind us If we could live void of error We would be perfect and boring Loving you is what makes it so real It effects us all to care in the least We pick each other apart in fear of not understanding Enough to placate each others needs We sacrifice our views to merge a puzzled picture We have changed into opposing magnates Rejecting each others purpose and cause to create group tasks Were killing ourselves over nothing Minute details stifling the gist of the story time and time again yet at times we bleed for each other Wed kill for one another Wed keep quiet Id lie for you If I could hold out my hands and give you satisfaction in me Id do so Were three arrows crossing each other canceling each other out Each in our trek to personal goals and personal reflections The end will be our personal memories Dont take it personal I have to own you to call you my own I have to argue to love you I have to push against you to be an individual I hate to need you you hate to need me But we accept our humanity When we are in each other Its kind of funny

Created on ... July 21, 2004