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Most recent update - Dec 10th, 2005


There is a New callout on my poetry page with a link that goes to MY POETRY HOMEPAGE ALSO - The new Homepage Colors and effects ( I hope you all like them as much as I do.

My hair is fucking Neon
[10 Dec 2005|12:16pm]


I dyed my hair... It is a fucking brilliant red color with all kinds of red and dark red toned streaks and it's fucking fab. SOMEONE COME TAKE PICTURES OF   me!!!

If you want to take pictures of it... let me know     231 903 8595

the ends and roots and many streaks are this color =     (<------  NOT ME!!)

 <------ this cut, shorter in the back,   yes thats me but thats not the color... )


Enough about my hair.....oh the plus of this being my site and not yours lol

Icyqueenvampyre =AIM = e mail
idreadthedays = LJ
brokenfairy = Vampyrefreaks
I dont use yahoo but I do have yahoo pictures = idreadhedays

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Tryst Of Cure

Opening scene of blood born things
 To cut the human infestation 
So true dreams of evolution streams 
“Out Of Service” 
But only for the duration 
Lungs filled and swelled 
Contaminated the well 
Now so few walk vacant land 
So everyone fell 
Obligated to tell 
                           the Immune who walk hand in hand 
Religion just a headstone in a world of crazed lunatics
Black smoke so thick 
That it sticks to your throat
All the bodies from outbreak 
and the bodies that

It goes to show 
Clam voices go shrill 
Realists born so solemn unsheltered 
The weak were natures kill 
Moralists not so far off from Skelter 
Testing to find who posses a new gift 
Gathering drifters, the self proclaimed
Breeding anarchists law starts a new revolution 
                           Rise and they fall with Such Grave Solution 
With the mark of the chosen 
To each other they’re driven 
Even before the induction 
They knew what they were 

Killing in laughter
                           The “Tryst of Cure” 
-Dana Grostick (idreadthedays)

I have found the cure for what ails 
- My Outlit -

Photography and Graphics

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Who I'd like to meet:

Gothic / Industrial or otherwise artistic People in michigan or otherwise willing to commute to hang out. I like both the quiet and the outspoken. I would like to meet people of alternate Beliefs to have long Conversations over Coffee or the like.


Welcome to My personal Hell

x x

 To the Conformists Who don't understand

Day Breaks

How can you crusify me for my talent, my dreams or my vision?

Where within our creative ability can you call us sick or unhealthy?

With Words? With Restraint?

With Boundries?

Who Gave you the power to confine our voice, my opinion

I can not throw away my eyes or mind and may not abandon my works. The world is Tarnished and poisoned

Everyone's view of "normal" defined by anothers values

The tacks in which they are placed by, unsecured.

So did you find yourself with the blind faith of anothers world or your own?

Do you "taste" anothers eyes and conform to them or did you prepare your own?

can you say you study your ideas to find truths by experience

can you say the picture on canvas in your mind you can create?

I absorb the sites I have seen in torment and filter

With that I transform emotions to words and images


"Murder is a insult to Humanity

Rape is inhuman and sick

Liars are not to be trusted

Theaves are too common"


I need not portray my work as you see fit

I will not unpublish my hard time spent

Never change into something you are not, to be accepted

Swallow your Interrigation tactics and give me my freedom to express

What I exploit of the errors of human kind is and shall not be blamed on me as if I commited it.

Or what have we been fighting for?


For all the years it has been secured as law it is so easily twisted and taken



One of my best friends has a Bachelor Of Fine Arts Degree and she backs me up on  this. I can't unpublish this work another time it would go against everything I stand for.

The poem on my poem page called "Lachrymose" is about the woman who killed her three children was a poem about Andrea Yates. It is not made to Condone or promote the horrable crimes she commited. I wrote the poem so other people could see how I viewed what it was that she did. The poem is considered "Shock" art and it is not illegal nor am I insane because I wrote it.It is simply stated the way it happened in all its forms, I think it is sick and it actually was supposed to show people how insane she really was in a blunt and real form.... no sugar coated story, just a brutal image of the sick things people can be capable of. Please don't crusify me for my Art.

 It is all I have left of myself. What no one should be able to destroy or take.

It is in the consitiution



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