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I dReAd tHe dAys

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Complete Works can be found at the following link
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Welcome to my poem book.
There are 3 chapters and each has its own screen.
To view a particular poem just click the link and view it in the screen above it.


 Conversations With The Evil

Funny enough this PIcture is wrong it says
ConverSATANS which is NOT what I meant at all
but I am too lazy to fix it just yet.
Thease poems are about the World as I see fit.


 Killers Are Quiet

Lachrymose / Petrafile / Reality Revised / Sado Psyhco / Tryst of Cure / Vital
This set of Poems have caused me much grief
they are about Murder and other really sick
aspects of Humanity that I have seen that bothers me.
The Poem "lachrymose" means
"With tears" Which means I found the instants very sad and horrable, I am not trying to praise what she did to her children but I had to capture the gruesome parts of it or it would not be well explained. I do not condone this behavior. This simply bothered me so much I had to write about it. Don't crusify me for my art its not needed.


 My Mind In Madness



Book History

All Poems and Chapters in this book were created
from 2001-2003 save "Reality Revised" which is a remake
of an earlier poem written called "Reality" (hence the name).
All poems and Images here Written, Edited and Produced
by Dana Renee' Grostick A.K.A "dReAdtHedAy"