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Jhonen Vasquez is the creator of 'Johnny the Homicidal Maniac', 'Squee' and 'I Feel Sick - a Book about a Girl'. His pitch-black humor, combined with the over-excessive use of violence, neatly drawn in high contrast black and white, make his comics a true horror to behold. Highly recommended, but not for sissies. With Story lines based on  horrific violence on those that offend or upset him and occasionally on whoever happens to be nearby. You see, he knows something we don't. He knows that there's something behind the wall in his basement and if he doesn't keep the wall wet, it'll come through and no one wants that. So, for the greater good, Johnny spends his time tracking down and killing the worst elements of society and uses their blood to keep the wall wet and keep the whatever-it-is behind it at bay.The effect of black and white opposed to color is amazing because it leaves your mind to fill in what you do not see and It kept me comming back for more. I borrowed the full edition and never put it down. Here is a list of the books based on this series.




Issue + 1
Published + August 1995

Events + Nny introduces himself to the world and little Squee, his next door neighbour, traumatising him for the first, but not last time. The Dough Boys and Nailbunny talk for the first time, Nny questions his sanity. We learn a lot about Nny's views on society and suicide, but most of the murders commited in this issue are just reactions to some sort of irritation rather than ideals. Oh ... and that wierd wall is introduced, we're not so sure what it's all about at this point.

Review +

Issue + 2
Published + November 1995

Events + Nny explains to us and his victims why he hate people and why he likes to kills them. We agree with him, think he is God. The mystique of the wall grows larger. What the hell is behind it? The best Meanwhile ever is in this issue. The one with the beloved Devi and that guy with shit in his pants. Hahahah! That's so good! We're then formally introduced to her with the big date. Nny likes Brainfreezy and Fiz-Wiz.

Review +

Issue + 3
Published + February 1996

Events + Squee gets abducted and Nny saves him while explaining to him that the world is ugly while further traumatising him. The Dough Boys start moving on their own, and thus Nailbunny loses his body. Something wierd is going on in the cosmos.

Review +

Issue + 4
Published + May 1996

Events + Nny contemplates his killing and what modern society has made of the world with a floaty Nailbunny. Naibunny is good and we like him. We learn more about what's behind the wall ... start thinking that maybe there's something actually there and that it's not just Nny being crazy. Devi is traumatised but tries to work something out, thus Nny gets fucked up. Will he be ok?!?

Review +

Issue + 5
Published + August 1996

Events + This issue's pretty fucked. We see what's behind the wall and get a bit of a tour of the basement. Nny's still fucked and gets kicked in the head a bit and then the universe is destroyed. I don't know what was going on here.

Review +

Issue + 6
Published + November 1996

Events + Nny goes to Heaven! God turns out to be fat but has a cool chair, and he's too lazy to answer any questions (Jhonen's just covering his ass cuz he doesn't really know the answers). Nny descovers that they have wierd head explody powers up there and ends up being sent to Hell for disturbing the bliss. Hell is just like Earth but more superficial and crappy. Nny doesn't belong there either ... so he goes home.

Review +

Issue + 7
Published + January 1997

Events + Nny's number 1 fan comes and pays him a visit. He is annoying and Nny hates him and kills him (I don't know where Jhonen was going with this). He then tries to explain himself to Devi (awww ... he's in love) but Devi still thinks he's insane. But he's improving! The DoughBoys don't talk to him anymore! Instead it's the Bub's Burger Boy, there's a new power at hand. Nny pays Squee a last visit, he's going on a "vacation".

Review +

JtHM, Squee, I Feel Sick, Filler Bunny and

 all related characters are tm and (c) Jhonen Vasquez.



 Too Sweet To miss


Xombified -  An online animated episodic
web series
about a
zombie with a mind
of his own. currently there
are three episodes available.
You need Flash to watch them.
This is very well done.
In addition, they have games
you can play, desktops to
download, and a shop.



The Dead Sea
The first episode of Xombie!! 

The Dead Sea


Cadillacs and Cadavers
The second episode of Xombie!!

Cadillacs and Cadavers


Grinding Organs
The third episode of Xombie!!

Grinding Organs


Relics and Reptiles
The fourth episode of Xombie!!

Relics and Reptiles